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    Melanie Boyack, a crisis management and intervention expert, is renowned for her impactful public speaking engagements within military units, SWAT teams, and first responders. Throughout her illustrious career, she has navigated critical incidents, including airplane and helicopter crashes, avalanche rescues, and disaster responses, cementing her status as a crisis communication and management authority.

    Beyond her speaking endeavors, Melanie is a published author and retired trauma therapist. Her visionary leadership as the CEO and founder of multiple thriving enterprises has positively impacted over 9,000 individuals in Utah's vibrant community. Her unwavering commitment to bettering lives is a testament to her exceptional leadership and steadfast dedication.

    Melanie's influence extends nationally as she collaborates with executives, corporations, and departments to foster leadership, drive change, and inspire progress. Her extensive expertise in crisis intervention and leadership development proves invaluable for organizations grappling with complex challenges and pursuing meaningful change.

    Melanie's academic prowess is equally notable, boasting a Master's Degree in Social Work and comprehensive training in behavior analysis. Her profound understanding of human behavior and communication dynamics equips her with a unique ability to engage even the most challenging audiences, creating enduring, transformative experiences that leave a profound impact.

    Melanie Boyack is a multifaceted professional who has devoted her career to enhancing the lives of individuals and organizations. Her work as a public speaker, author, and community leader reflects an unwavering commitment to fostering positive change, establishing her as a respected and indispensable figure in her field.


    • University of Utah
      • Masters of Social Work, CSW (2012 - 2014)
    • EMDRIA
      • University of Pennsylvania
      • Prolonged Exposure (2013)
    • CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
      • Social and Behavioral Research Certification (2012)


    • Responder Solutions: Melanie Boyack, Trauma Consultant and Speaker
    • Founder, Phoenix Rebellion Therapy
    • Military and Veteran Counseling Center Therapist
    • Keynote Speaker: Honoring Utah's Fallen Event (alongside General Burton)
    • Catholic Community Services Addiction & PTSD Therapist, Military Unit
    • Salt Lake Behavioral Health Hospital Trauma Therapist, Psychiatric Military Unit


    • Expertise in public speaking, addressing military units, SWAT teams, hostage situations, first responders, and emergency crews
    • Extensive experience in debriefing teams involved in critical incidents during Utah's worst disasters
    • Responded to airplane and helicopter crashes, aided avalanche victims, and collaborated with emergency ski patrol teams.

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